Training for my first marathon this season has been quite the journey and such a joy. Learning so much while doing something I love is something I will never forget.

You only get one first marathon, so I am making it my business to get things right. My training plan was certainly “my” plan, as fellow FitGirl and Lolë’s professional Running Ambassador Leanne Shear suggests. “Training plans are made to be broken! The most important part of training is to listen to your own body and be confident in what it is telling you,” she says. And that is just what I did. Listened to my body and followed my FitGirl fashionista heart too! I sought out some of the hottest marathon must haves this season and am proud to share my top favs.

Check it out, and check me out running with my heart and fashionista flair on November 3rd during the ING New York City Marathon!

 #1 Don’t Stress, Compress


Once I get into what I call “all morning” runs (think three hours), I noticed that around mile two my legs felt like they were made of lead. My knees forgot that their main function was to bend, and my quads were shaking like those silly shake weights. That was until I discovered 2XU Elite Compression Tights. I have tried a lot of different types of “compression tights” (ripped holes in several), however 2XU is in a league of their own. Not only was I able to walk the next day–due to how these babies promote circulation–I was also dry as a freshly changed baby, thanks to their moisture-wicking properties. Looking for a more lightweight capri version of compression? You’ll be super comfy in SKINS. The SKINS Women’s A200 Compression 3/4 Tights are not your ordinary black tights. I loved how they flatter my shape, came things tight and right performance wise and kept me nice and safe during my night runs due to their reflective trim tape for night-time visibility. So don’t stress sis. Compress.

#2 Stay On “Top”


I usually run in tank top versions of running tops since I like to keep my arms free and flowing, however I just discovered a short sleeve top I actually love: the Lolë Guyane Top. Style met function and this fab top was born. Couple the slimming front panels with the head turning peek-a-boo back and you have one sexy running top. However my favorite part was the four way stretch material. So comfy it felt like I was running in only a sports bra. Speaking of which, the sports bra outline- while subtle- is sheer genius. My sports bra instantly became extra supportive because of this unique addition and my “twins” adored this. Speaking of my “twins,” every runner knows the power of the perfect sports bra. So couple this show stopping top with the CW-X VersatX™ Running Bra. You are all set! Now stay on top.

#3 Fuel Rules

Fuel RAD

If you are like most FitGirls, you eat every three to four hours. So when you are running for that amount of time (or over an hour really) you need to refuel. Your performance depends on it and finding the perfect “what to fuel with” and “when to fuel” combo can be tricky. That is unless you’ve discovered GU. This company is literally my one and only, and while there are tons of brands to choose from I really believe GU is so for you sis. First and foremost the options are on the level of Baskin Robbins. Hello, flavors galore. So while you are doing your body good by giving it the proper amounts of carbohydrates, amino acid blend, electrolytes and caffeine that you need to cross the finish line, you are also partaking in a little treat. I had the honor of trying the new salted caramel flavor of the the popular GU Energy Gel and had to stop myself from ripping open another serving (that good). However my latest race fueling treats are the GU Chomps Energy Chews. Tastes just like a Gummi Bear with Power Ranger strength. Also, these are perfect for runners who are new to fueling or are looking for a portion controlled option. I love how I can break them off one by one when it’s time for “snack time” during my long runs. So go for it lady, fuel rules!


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