Want to have long toned legs like a ballerina? I’ve found the perfect workout for you! As a former dancer and Pilates lover, I find Pure Barre to be the perfect slice of sweaty heaven. After just a short time of plies’ and core work, I felt muscles I rarely feel in other workouts trembling and transforming. Check out some of their signature moves I had a chance to test with New York (Union Square) co-owner Kaitlin Vandura in the video below.

I know all of us at some point have dreamt about twirling around in a tutu on pointe, however if you missed your calling or are looking to try a new fun dance based workout, then Pure Barre is for you. I had a chance to lift, tone and burn with the ladies in NYC and am confident that you will be sweating at a barre near you too.

As the leading barre franchise with over 160 studios across the country, Pure Barre continues to innovate the barre technique to ensure each class stays fresh and challenging. Pure Barre is a total body workout that focuses on the areas women struggle with the most: seat, hips, thighs, abs and arms. The best part however is- it is a non-impact workout designed to work for women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. The workout utilizes your own body weight and allows you to work as deep or shallow in a position as you’d like. No dance background is required- as long as you can hold on to the ballet barre, you can do it. Go for it–raise the barre already lady!


Can’t find a studio near you? Or are you interested in lifting and toning solo? Then do Pure Barre at home. With an extensive series of at-home DVDs, as well as exercise equipment and apparel–that ballet body you’ve always wanted can be sculpted in the comfort of your very own home. Most exercises can be done with or without equipment and furniture such as chairs or kitchen countertops are great substitutes for the barre.Visit the Pure Barre online store now. Happy shopping/sweating girlfriend.

What would a RAD workout be without RAD gear to match? Sad. My new favorite cropped legging to wear while getting my sweat on with Pure Barre is from Heidi Hat. These fitted stretch leggings are too cute too boot and the feminine fun patterns are super duper adorable. My favorite things however were the rouching accent just below the outside of the knee and the thick-banded waistband for comfort and movement. Visit their online shop and get ready to stock up ladies.



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