Uhm didn’t we just ring in 2015 yesterday?! Boy does time fly when you’re having fun. This year has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs and with two weeks left in 2015 I decided to do things a little different with a “New Year’s Pregame.” This inaugural year of this event is one that I’m confident will make 2016 even RADder than 2015, and you can join in on the pregame party too. I like to keep things simple yet effective which is why I set new year’s resolutions as needed – not only on January 1st. So whether you want to get in the best shape of your life, turn those dreams into a career or become a better (fill in the blank) then I hope these “RAD” tips help you mentally jumpstart 2016.

R – Reconnect With Your Squad

Let me tell you about the power of your posse!? Good friends, family members that will ride or die for you, co workers who inspire you and mentors who hold you down are all nothing to take for granted. However the busier we become the less time we dedicate to honoring and nurturing these key players on our team. I love the rise of the word “squad” because it reminds us that not having to take on this life alone is truly a blessing.


So despite how busy you are, or how fast you and your long lost homie bounce back after months apart, make a plan to make your squad know and feel that they are appreciated. Maybe it’s monthly happy hours with your besties, an annual girl’s trip or just scheduled handwritten letters to your peeps living far away. Either way you got to plan this. Set your calendar for these squad moments, prep your peeps and simply let them know, “in 2016 I am going to do better as your friend/daughter/co worker/partner etc.” I promise, you won’t regret this investment.

A – Affirm Your Passions

Whether you make a living doing it or not, affirming your passions will undoubtedly fire you up to pursue every other goal in your life. Taking the time to pursue our passions is probably one of the most peaceful things we can do for our souls. I recently taught myself how to sew and it literally lights up every ounce of my spirit. The passion fuels me, however the greatest attributes that come along with pursuing this new love is dedication, commitment and affirmation.


I have no clue what I’m doing, so taking the time to learn as much about my new hobby requires dedication and commitment. And honey….when I sew that last stitch and slip into my new garment the affirmation this moment provides is like no other. None of this feels like work because simply put, it is so fun. It reminds me to always start with my heart and to remember that love and passion are the difference between life challenges and circumstances inspiring us as opposed to defeating us. Sewing has made me better at my paid jobs, relationships, and just day to day tasks. Passion has that kind of power boo, so figure out what that thing is you absolutely love to do and do it, often.

D – Debrief Little By Little

You can’t make anything better the next time around unless you really take the time to go over what went right and what went wrong. Debriefing has been a constant habit of mine as I try to rediscover who I am after losing my mother, and I can say that this meticulous practice has been life changing. Journaling, documenting the things that I am grateful for and setting mini and major goals all where annoying at first, however now that I’m reaping the benefits of this consistent practice I had to not only share but let you in on how I’m taking things to the next level in 2016.


I love a good vision board party and have been crafting these inspirational posters with some of my New York homegirls for the last three years. However in addition to this I plan to consolidate my journaling, grateful documenting and goal making goals into one year long activity. See I have this huge jar and I plan on filling it each day with little pieces of paper that list these three things:

What was the most amazing thing that happened today?

Who inspired you today (can be someone I know or don’t)?

What challenges came your way today, were they under your control, and what can you take away from this experience?

Sounds like some therapy homework assignment I know, but you will be surprised how these many mini moments of reflection can help ground you in the days and situations to come. Plus the best part – by rereading them at the end of 2016 you’ll be able to debrief 2016 and prepare for 2017 in a more meaningful way.

Fitness apparel courtesy of Onzie’s Electric Light Collection

Well that’s it RADicals, my pregame plans for another RAD year. What are your plans?


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