My number one FitGirl motto is, “The body follows the mind.”

The biggest thing standing in between you and the weight loss results that you want to achieve may be your thoughts, so I sat down with  Amari Medical Chief Medical Director, Dr. J. Shah to get tips on how to mentally boss your body around once and for all!  Keep reading for gems on how to change your mind–and in turn, your body.

Energize Yourself

“Thoughts like, ‘I want to live a healthy long life,’ ‘I want to look good,’ ‘I want to fit into nice clothes,’ etc, can keep motivation high to lose weight,” says Shah. I love a good quote, which is why I share RADisms with my followers each and every week on social media. I highly suggest that you find a message that speaks to you and place it in a space you frequent–your bathroom mirror, the dashboard in your car and your phone/computer’s screensaver are all excellent options.

Beware Of The Negative Effects Of Negativity

On the flip side, when people have extremely negative attitudes toward weight loss and think, “I can’t lose weight,” “I can’t give up certain kind of foods or alcohol” or, “I am so busy I don’t have time for myself,'”  it can be extremely detrimental to weight loss says Shah.  “These people start to accept obesity and weight gain as a way of life,” he adds. “And once they decide to lose weight their goal is often times not deep rooted and their commitment is conditional.” Hello “yo-yo” diets! This is detrimental not only to weight loss but to your long term health, so just say “no” to negativity.

Embrace Positive Possibilities 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is totally possible when you:

1) Choose a weight loss method that will change your long-term lifestyle.

2) Choose a weight loss program that you can follow. For instance if you love meat, suddenly going vegan may be unwise.

3) Choose a weight loss program which addresses the root cause of your weight gain.

For example, if you are an emotional eater, clearing your fridge of unhealthy snacks during stressful times of the month can help you achieve long term weight loss and overall health. Most importantly, remember adopting a healthier lifestyle is a journey so be both patient and gentle with yourself along the way.

About J. Shah, M.D. – Amari Medical Chief Medical Director

Dr. J. Shah is a Double Board Certified physician who has been practicing medicine in New York for the past 30 years. Dr. Shah specializes in Medical Weight Loss as well as the latest non-surgical body sculpting treatments including CoolSculpting and Exilis.



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