Your biceps are buff and your core is cut, but what’s up with your sex muscle? Working your pelvic floor is essential not only when it comes to the hanky panky, but maintaining strength between your legs also helps prevent (or control) urinary incontinence…plus a host of other pelvic floor problems.

The first time I became aware of the term “kegel” was during my Pilates training in graduate school. Being able to activate and control the pelvic floor was directly linked to your ability to engage your powerhouse (Pilates slang for core). So I started kegel-ing on a regular and over time it benefited more than my core. Wink wink. The ability to kegel properly can help you hold in those few tinkles when you’re laughing too hard, sneezing, or just trying to hunt down a restroom (don’t do this version too often as this can weaken the muscles overtime). But the power of your pelvic floor can also improve your sex game ladies. Many women lose an adequate amount of pelvic floor strength after pregnancy, which leads to reduced pleasure during sex post birth. Simply put, contracting your pelvic floor muscles on command leads to more orgasms, so if you are having trouble in this area you may want to start doing the following exercises stat (baby on the way or not).

First and foremost, it takes diligence to not only identify your pelvic floor muscles, but to learn how to contract and relax them on cue. So here are a few pointers to get you started on your kegel regimen…

Let’s start with a quick test – next time you go to the bathroom, try identifying your pelvic floor muscles by deliberately stopping urination midstream. If you succeed, pow, you’ve found the right muscles. Next, let’s talk technique. Exit the restroom and lie on your back, tighten your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds, and then relax them for five seconds. Try this a few times in a row and then over time work your way up to 10 second holds. Repeat this three times a day aiming for at least three sets of 10 repetitions a day. And lastly, the number one thing to do ladies is breathe. By staying focused you will ensure that you are not inviting other muscles – like the buttocks and abdomen – to the kegel exercising party. Ready, 1-2-3 squeeze!

kGoal: A Kegel Gadget Worth Trying

Now that you know how to kegel, if you really want to up your kegel-ing game, get your hands on the kGoal. Think a Fitbit for your vagina. My friends over at Minna Life have recently developed this RAD product to help you work and track your pelvic floor muscles in both a fun and interactive way. Yep, there’s an app too. In the form of a squeezable silicone pillow, the kGoal fits comfortably inside your vagina all while giving you detailed feedback and instruction. It’s like a gym, physical therapist and tracking system all in one. The official launch is soon, so pre order yours now girls.


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