I can’t seem to stop whipping my workout towel around my head at the gym, so in case you’re suffering from the same “fitness club v. night club” confusion that I am then you’re going to love this workout RADicals.

Lifting, pushing and pulling are the most common types of movements in fitness, but my favorite is gliding. You may have seen glider disks in your favorite group fitness class, however while they are inexpensive, you can get an even greater deal by just using a towel. Hardwood floors love both so show your muscles some love and “scrub the ground” with these three RAD exercises.

Why you should glide?

One main benefit of glider discs (or towels) is that you’ll greatly improve your stability after using them for just a short amount of time. Why? Well you know how you feel when you’re trying not to slip on ice–well that’s how gliders work. When stability training is invited to the party it takes a lot of balance (read: core control) to stay on your feet. Don’t fret though, gliders are not as slippery as ice, however they do offer the same challenge. Hello crunch-less core work!

So if you have any sort of injury and high impact activities cause more pain than gain then you’ll love the “non-impact” quality of gliders. Since your feet never leave the ground many exercises (like lunges, hamstring curls and mountain climbers) become not only effective but safe.

Enjoy RADicals!



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