Spring is officially here RADicals, so let’s pack our bags, skip town and get some much needed vitamin D. Winter woes move over because tis the season to travel. I know you want to pack as light as you been eating since January, keep that bikini body intact and look fly while doing it, so carry on these essentials and I’ll see you at the beach!

1. Join The Cute Carry On Club

#TravelIsTheNewClub so the last thing you want to do is be caught slippin’ at baggage claim. Seriously, who needs another black carry on in life. So travel in style and head over to Kipling for some luggage that’s not only easy to spot, but too cute to boot. The Darcey Small Wheeled Luggage and Ferra Tote look just as good together as you and your bestie will in all those #TravelNoire usies on Instagram. The durable exterior on both pieces is overhead compartment friendly and the multiple compartments will certainly keep you organized in style. So get ready to kiss ugly luggage goodbye for good ladies.

2. BYOG: Bring Your Own Gym

Your 6 a.m. workout can take a break over spring break too, however you don’t have to skip your sweat sessions entirely. In fact, I suggest adding some icing to the relaxation cake of wanderlusting by taking advantage of what I call an “endorphin quickie.” Simply put–make your workouts short and sweet. First thing in the morning knock out five of your favorite exercises (only the one’s you love – remember we are de-stressing) for one minute each, five times. That’s 25 mins of simple sweat boo! I always pack my resistance band since it takes up almost no space in my suitcase and also loop my GRID Mini Foam Roller around my carry on for a quick post flight self massage and/or post “endorphin quickie” session.

3. Fit In Gear That Does Double Duty

The easiest way to pack light is to tote gear that can do double duty. Mastering 30 looks with five pieces as an adult feels just as good as conquering Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo as a kid. At least for me. So lighten your load with the three finds that I’m completely obsessed with this spring. First up the High Waist Short from Onzie.

Thank goodness they drop this top selling cut in different prints each season, because trust me, you are going to want a Pokemon collection of these babies boo (I’m clearly having childhood nostalgia right now). Work out out then lay out! Speaking of working out, I can’t get over the 1 Voice Headband. This genius two in one fitness essential is a sports headband with built-in Bluetooth earbuds. Hello genius. Goodbye tangled wires. I love how I can tour my vacay’s sights by foot without worrying about my earbuds falling out every time I see something cool. Cheers to more marvelous miles. And lastly, I have to mention the gorgeous collection over at Indah. Their runway-worthy fashion is perfect as a day time swimsuit cover, or a night time head turner. So yeah, about those 30 looks with a few pieces…you just nailed it girl.

4. Hard Nails, Hard Body

Blame it on my southern upbringing, but nothing says “my look is polished” than a perfect mani (puns wild). And since low maintenance is key on vacation ladies the next travel essential on your list should be nails that are just as hard as that body you work so hard for – which is why you must get your hands on Revlon’s ColorStay Gel Envy Nail Enamel. The durability of a gel mani without the damaging UV light or high price all goes down in just two easy steps. First, skip the top coat and brush on the base + color in one (two coats). Then finish with the protective ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat for unbelievable shine and strength.

I was blown away at how gorgeous the colors were and the formula feels so luxurious that although your mani will last well over several days you are going to want to change your shade every single day. Well fight this urge and enjoy polish perfection that everyone will be envious of.

5. Exfoliate For Free

This last tip is my favorite travel secret. Since I know you will be spending hours soaking up the sun in the sand I thought your skin could soak up some goodness in the sand too. My favorite thing to do while I catch up with a friend or indulge in a steamy novel on the beach is DIY free exfoliation. The saltiness of the ocean mixed with the graininess of the sand come together in a way that beauty experts have been attempting to imitate and sell at Sephora for years. Mother Nature for the win again. So skip that expensive salt bath or exclusive skin treatment and treat yourself to a spa like experience by gently rubbing ocean soaked sand into your skin. Hit all your 2,000 parts and thank me for this freebie tip later hun.


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