People change, your environment can change and so can your circumstances. One of life’s inevitable qualities – change. But do you have to be a slave to these ever changing ways? Nope. You can maintain your joy in the midst of it all RADicals. I do and you can too.

However let me begin by saying this: I am not a spiritual guru or meditation mama, but since these three tips have consistently helped me maintain my zen in a city where people go all the way in (see what I did there) I wanted to share with you how I sneak in peace, joy and happiness everyday (despite what New York city throws my way).

Know What’s Non Negotiable

The RAD thing about collecting years here on earth is that after awhile you kind of know what things set you off and what things are your jump offs. These things combined are your non negotiable needs. Keyword being needs. So whether it’s a hobby, a habit or a crazy characteristic, cherish these babies like your life depends on it. Because it does. Routines are RAD so create some and maintain them because anything can happen during life’s otherwise unpredictable moments. What’s my main non negotiable? Sweating (duh). Morning workouts are my jump off. Especially the ones that go from jumping out the bed to straight jumping jacks. That’s a funny image right? But really I know this sounds crazy, but there is truly something dope about sweat being the very first thing you do each day. I honestly can’t tell you how many times something wild has popped off on the train, or the streets and I’m like, “Whatevs. I’m still high off those 5 miles I killed this morning, so carry on crazies. Carry on.”

Change Moods With Smiles

So your non negotiable needs are on point. Next, take this amplified mood and sprinkle that joker all over the place. Enter spaces expecting to inspire a change and therefore be changed. How do you do this you ask? Simple. With a smile (even if it’s a fake one). Crazy thing about frowns that are turned upside down is that they are contagious. Like for reals for reals. Don’t believe me? Try to not smile when someone is literally cheesing in your face. Takes some serious negative vibes to shut down a genuine smile. In fact many studies have shown that smiling (whether it’s forced or not) decreases stress. So if you encounter a “Negative Nancy” or if that “Debbie Downer” lives between your two ears then I triple dog dare you to smile for awhile. Before you know it happiness will roll through and after happiness becomes a regular guest at the party it won’t be long before joy starts making appearances too.


Counter Every Negative With Positive Truths

Although I may be ending with this, this point is actually what I lead with lately. My therapist put me on to this tip a few months ago and ever since I started incorporating it into my daily thoughts things have really changed. See we all have this constant inner monologue flowing through our brains. However the key is to take the time to do some self edits. You ready for this mind power trick my therapist taught me yall? Next time you find yourself dwelling on thoughts that don’t serve you ask yourself this: “What evidence do I have?” Pow. Simple but powerful. I’m not going to lie – I am constantly reading into things. Who knew!? Thinking things like, “that guy never called me back last week because he thinks I suck.” When the “truth” is he was sick last week. Or, “that girl is whispering and looking over here at me because she’s talking mess.” When the “truth” is she’s just telling her friend that she liked my hair. You may not always know the “truth,” however your job must always be to believe this: “Unless there is evidence. It didn’t happen.” This has been a game changer for me yall. Nowadays I find myself asking for clarity, expecting the best outcome or just straight up dropping things – all due to this practice. Assuming ain’t the way boo, so try this tip and let me know what you think.

Hope this helps! This story was inspired by the “Sneaky Shorts” shown in the images above. I snagged them over at Athleta (P.S. they’re on sale online now). Check them out here.


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