Gearing up to travel soon? You may have to sacrifice carryon space if your flight is packed, and you may have to pay extra for baggage – but if you sacrifice a few seconds of your time and pay attention to these tips right here your traveling experience can be a fit and healthy one after all.

ABsolutely Work That Little Seat

All I want in this life is a comfy airline seat. However, in the meantime you better believe I’m going to make those awful things “work.” My favorite exercises in flight are “Heel Raising Crunches” and “Seated Twerking.” HRC is easy- just bring your legs together (knees touching) and raise your heels while squeezing your belly button to your spine. Simple and effective. And don’t freak out, ST is so discreet and good for the blood flow in your legs RADical. Sit tall and subtly roll your shoulders back while pressing your knees out to the side. This will relax your shoulders, make your core work and will release tension in your hips. Try to keep it small and controlled though…wouldn’t want that elderly man in seat B thinking you’re trying to push up on him.

Free Snack Packs For All

You should know by now that (insert airline here) is only giving you a dixie cup sized serving of your preferred drink for that 4 hour flight. So save that $15.99 you can easily spend on SunChips and pack your own snacks. I always have a meal option- like a turkey sandwich, water, a healthy sweet treat- like almonds and dark chocolate chips, and a piece a fruit in my carryon. Healthy and easy. Plus I would so rather give that $15.99 to iTunes and snag a new album.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Blanket

I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure airline pillows and blankets are first cousins with communal mats at the gym…a.k.a nasty. So to that I say, lets avoid that airplane cold and bring our own blankets yall. Doesn’t have to be your Granny’s quilt, just think a lightweight throw or even a thick sarang/shawl. P.S. Neck pillows and eye masks are also totally welcomed.

Meditate On This

If you are a busy RADical (like most Americans) this may be the first and only time you have to yourself. So might as well do something you love. Ditch doing work and finally read that “totally-has-no-relevance-to-my-career” novel. Or slap those sound blocking earphones on and listen to a meditative podcast. Whatever you do, do you. That way when you greet your kin folk (or whoever you may be visiting) you are truly ready to be down for whatever.

Skip That Serious Sweat

Tough workouts are always invited to the party…except the day or hours before a long flight. Sore muscles recover while in movement, therefore long periods of sitting is just plain foolish. However, if you must, be sure to rock some compression socks under your leggings. My friends at Zoot make a RAD pair. This will help keep blood circulation in check. Speaking of which, have you heard of deep-vein thrombosis, also known as “economy-class syndrome”? Well when you sit without moving around for multiple hours at a time blood is bound to pool in your legs. This could lead to blood clots and even death. Yikes. So guard yourself pre flight by taking a baby aspirin. Just be sure to get the green light from your doc first. Many prescriptions don’t play nice with aspirin.

Double Up On Drinks

Get drunk the night before – on electrolytes and H20 that is. High altitudes will certainly dehydrate you my dear RADical, so try avoid getting tipsy the night before or while in flight. Make your go to non sugary sports drinks and electrolyte enhanced waters like Smart Water. Do this and you can certainly throw dehydration the deuces.

Lap It Up During Your Layover

Once you stand up pump it up. Your legs probably forgot how to operate during that long flight, so the least you can do is show them some love by moving them around. Therefore instead of going from flight, to terminal seats and back to another flight, check out the scenery by foot instead. Just be sure to keep your sight seeing laps to only a few gates away from your own. Don’t want to mess around and miss your flight. P.S. Who knows…there just might be an “airport hottie” a couple gates down the way.

Sleep If You Want To

At all cost catch those zzz’s the night before in your own bed yo. Catching up on sleep during that 6 hour coast to coast flight may seem like a good idea but it’s actually not. Don’t get me wrong, sleeping in the clouds is cool- however that baby two rows behind you really doesn’t care that you pulled an all nighter last night. Speaking of sleep, take sleep aids at your own risk. Popping pills on a flight that is not long enough to accommodate deep sleeping can leave you groggy, or even worse- late for your connecting flight. The only pill I recommend is vitamin C and some echinacea. This will make sure your immune system knows wasup both during and post your travels.

Comfy Can Be Cute

Now you know your momma raised you better than that. If your travel gear can double as pajamas then pack them as such. Baggy sweats and hoodies scream “I am a 13 year old trapped in a 31 year olds body.” So dress your comfy age by opting for some fun leggings, high boots (as in high up to your knee, not high off the ground) or chic sneakers, a loose fitting top and a layer you can easily take on and off. P.S. Accessories are definitely welcomed. Oh, and unless you have business meeting with right when you land it’s probably a good idea to skip that formal suit, pencil skirt get up etc.

Moisturizing Is A Must

Lotion ought to be a staple in your life, however if you happen to think you can board this next flight ashy then you are mistaken. Low air pressure is no punk and that air climate while up in the clouds is nothing to play with. Dry air leads to dry skin so lather up and don’t be afraid to rock that night cream while in flight…no one will know expect your pores.

Sit Like Royalty 

First and foremost uncross your legs, this totally prevents blood flow and can bring on both hip and lower back pain. Instead prop them up on your carryon bag. Just be sure to keep your shoes on since “free feet” tend to swell in  that “low-pressure-air-cabin-life.” Also, I’m pretty sure “helping stuff swollen feet back into shoes,” is not in the flight attendants job description.

Where are you headed on vacay? Hope these tips help!


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