What is a RADical to do when all they want to do is sweat but they have a nine to five sedentary job? They hook up with my friends at Gaiam and they have a ball at work. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair has recently been added to my home office and all I can say is – my core has never worked more. So if you are looking for a fun fit way to spice up your workday check this out.

1. Stay On The Ball, Don’t Fall

Just about every office in America has at least one busy bee sitting on a stability ball and not in an office chair. Giant stability balls instantly became popular both in the gym and in the workforce once they hit the scene. But here’s the deal: Sometimes sitting on a stability ball can do more harm than good. While they are designed to help improve your posture and engage your core, many people are sitting on the wrong size ball and therefore pulling their spine out of alignment. Hello slouching. Also if your core is not strong enough you will end up involving the muscles in your lower back (which is never a good idea). However this is where the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair comes in – the perfect fusion of a standard chair and a stability ball.

2. Better Than An Office Chair

Like your office chair the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair has wheels (that can either lock or unlock) and is also very sleek. It is comfortable and super affordable too ($79.98) Also because the stability ball fits in the base of the chair you can also stop chasing your regular ol’ stability around the office every time you get up. In addition to this there is a small back on the chair – just in case you need to slightly sit back for a quick rest every once in awhile.

3. Bring On The Challenge

Speaking of rest, sitting on this ball/chair is quite a challenge – in a good way of course. I love how I can feel my core firing up while I send emails, and the significant difference I feel when I start to get fatigued (it feels like you are going to slip off the ball) is great too. However here’s the one and only twist – the ball is small. Most stability balls come in 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm sizes, however this ball is 52cm. But don’t worry, the base of the chair makes up for those few centimeters, so as long as you are between 5’0″ and 5’11” you will be just fine. The most important thing to consider however is the height of your computer and your desk. Adjust them both accordingly so you are able to sit upright in the chair.

4. Pop The Ball Out & Sweat It Out

Okay, so now that you know that you can “work your core out while you type it out” let me tell you about my favorite part – popping the ball out. Whenever I get a few minutes throughout the day I take the stability ball out of the base and blast out a few reps of my favorite exercises like squats, push ups and crunches. Or when I need a little woosah moment I keep the ball in the base and stretch out my hamstrings, hip flexors and spine. Check out the video at the beginning of this post to see how I “woosah.” This fit chair is a win win so get you one today and have a ball while you work!


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