Not sure what to get your fitness fanatic friend for Christmas? Well what if I told you that you can make her three RAD gifts without spending a dime. That’s right – you probably have all the supplies you need to craft her up something special right in your very own crib. So unlock your inner DIY spirit and get ready to create the best fitness inspired gifts ever.

The T-Shirt Tote

Gone are the days of exercising in oversized t-shirts ladies, however before you throw out those large and in charge graphic tees let’s make some tote bags. Great for transporting healthy snacks or even workout clothes. This no-sew tote takes only 10 minutes – so grab some scissors and let’s get started.

1. Lay your old t-shirt out, smooth it out and then fold it in half.

2. Then cut out the neck, the sleeves and the bottom.

3. Using a ruler cut 1 inch slits all the way across the bottom. They should be about 2 inches long.

4. Turn the shirt inside out and tie the slits into knots. Take your time so you don’t skip a slit.

5. Turn the shirt back to the right side and pow – a t-shirt tote in less than 10 mins.

The T-Shirt Headband

Woven headbands are so in right now, however I feel like they’re totally overpriced. At up to $18 each, this RAD trend can get expensive – especially if you want different colors to match all of your workout outfits. So after looking closely at one I made my own using the cut off bottom from the same t-shirt we just made that tote with.

1. Cut the fabric into five long strips. Each about 1 inch wide and twice the length of the measurement of your head.

2. Stack all five strips and either sew them or glue them together. I sewed mine. Doesn’t have to be fancy, jus secure.

3. Then pull each piece of fabric until they are stretched and the edges are curled.

4. Lay your strips down and tape it at the top – this will help keep things tight once you start weaving.

5. Now split the strips into three on the left and two on the right. Keeping these sections separate is important.

6. Starting with the left section (of three strands) grab the outside strip. Cross it over the one right next to it on the right. Then grab the strip on the right of this section and cross it over the one next to it on the left. This is basic braiding boo.

7. Then move the center strand over to the section of two strands on the right.

8. Repeat the braiding sequence by crossing the outside strand over the one right next to it on the left. Then grab the strip on the left of this section and cross it over the one next to it on the right.

9. Keep moving the middle strand from left to right, always remember to start the braid with the outside strand and adjust the tightness as you go.

10. Keep the tension all the way down and when you get to the end of how long you want  it either sew or glue the ends together.

11. Then overlap the ends and sew or glue them together.

12. You can leave it like this or if you want a more polished look cut a rectangular piece of fabric, fold the edges in and wrap it around the headband.

13. Sew or glue one edge to the headband, roll the other end in and sew or glue it down too. That’s it – braided headband for free ninety nine. My kind of weave!

The Yoga Mat Strap Made With Scraps

All those removable cross body straps that came with your handbags can be put to good use with two key rings and some ribbon. Meet my DIY yoga mat strap made with scraps.

1. Attach a key ring to either side of the cross body strap.

2. Thread about 14 inches of ribbon through each key ring.

3. Tie your yoga mat with the ribbon into a bow and head out to your favorite place to savasana in style.

Try these fun DIY crafts out and send me your pics! Have questions? Leave them below. Can’t wait to see your RAD creations!



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