Raise your hand if you wear less makeup in the summer! Both my hands go up. Raise your hand if you work out in makeup! Both my hands and feet go up.

So if you’re sweating (pun’s wild) over what beauty products to keep your face beat in all this heat, then look no further. I teamed up with my namesake (well, close enough) Bobbi Brown and have the perfect long-wear, non-pore-clogging and absolutely RAD products ever!

Plus, since my Cali girl roots love a good beach look all year long, don’t be surprised if I roll these goodies over into the fall. Enjoy!


Coverage That Is Light And Right

Just like that sarong you wrap around your waist on the beach, your foundation during the summer should be light and right. In fact, also like your sarong perhaps, it can be non-existent. Go for it, show off that natural beauty and pick up the Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. Not only does it come in nine different shades it literally makes my skin look super refreshed and radiant. Nothing beats looking flawless without actually “feeling” your makeup ladies. Plus the coverage is phenomenal considering it’s light-weight formula. Win win.


Highbrow Beauty

No matter your makeup regimen, I firmly believe that handling your eyebrows is always a smart idea. The shape and color of your brows can either make or break your look (pun’s wild) ladies, so please invest in a Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil. There are eight shades and I can literally teach classes all day, hit the beach and wait for the A train in NYC without it smudging. I’m talking real deal long-wear ladies. The tip is slanted so application is easy peasy, plus the attached brush makes blending a breeze. I find the wax and emollient formula to be highly pigmented, which basically translates to – light touch, less product and top notch arches.


Glow Baby Glow

Bronzer is fun, but the real highlight of summer beauty this year is highlighter. A brand new product for my girl Bobbi, the Highlighting Powder – Sunset Glow has been the ultimate head turner this season. Seriously. If I could get a dollar for every time someone told me “I was glowing!” I would be a millionaire. And while I have been in good spirits this summer, I know what they’re really referring to is this golden pink powder. It is light-reflective and builds beautifully. Literally as beautiful as this limited edition packaging that it comes in. So don’t wait girls, get your hands on this newbie/goodie stat.


Pucker Up Buttercup

I’m more of a tinted lip balm girl than a lipstick girl. Well, that was until I discovered Bobbi’s Creamy Lip Color. The Rose Petal has been my everyday go to all summer long ladies. I can’t get over how soft my lips feel while I’m wearing this product, and after I take it off. It’s super creamy, shiny and long-lasting, so no need to reapply over and over again. I love how natural it looks, so don’t forget to top your summer look off with this innovative lipstick.

Products courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Thoughts are my own.

What are you wearing on your pretty little face this summer sis? Let me know below.


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