Black girls everywhere are “running” it! Figuratively and literally. Holding it down at the office, in their homes and in the many places where sweat and high heart rates are involved. Healthy is totally the new sexy and my heart literally skips a beat every time I see my sistahs pounding the pavement alongside me in Central ParkHowever truth be told, this wasn’t always the case, which is why I love my favorite FitGirl’s Toni Carey andAshley Hicks over at Black Girls RUN! They have teamed up with other sweat-lovin’ divas around the nation and have taken their healthy tips and secrets on tour. Their already-established running teams show up in packs and I had the pleasure of experiencing the New York stop this month. Simply put, it was quite a RAD Experience! So you guessed it– I had to share. Keep reading and learn how to “preserve your sexy” too.

Get Your Rear In Some New Gear

If anyone knows how to “do it all,” it is certainly HBO Def Poet, singer and health advocate Shanelle Gabriel. When she is not gracing us with her sensational talent and heartfelt lyrics, she can be found either training for a race or getting other fitness fanatics race ready at New York’s infamous running store Jack Rabbit. She was first to hit the stage during the BGR event and hooked us up on the ones and twos of the importance of proper FitGirl gear. “We have specific shoes for ladies night out and a special bra for that special dress, therefore the same rules should apply for our workout gear,” said Gabriel. The cutest shoe on the rack may not be the best pair for you, so next time you’re browsing the shoe department, make finding your sole mate your number one goal. And, while you are out there, show your twins up top some love too. The perfect sports bra is waiting for you sis, so get fitted and get your rear in some new gear. For more gems from Shanelle follow her on TwitterInstagram and Facebook!

Healthy Hair 101 For The FitGirl

If you have been skipping out on your workouts in order to preserve your blow out, then this one is for you lady. “Healthy hair starts from the inside out,” says FitGirl hairstylist Saasha “Mo” Wheeler of Momoxie Hair Designs. What you eat, that unexpected rainfall during your outdoor workout and natural sunlight (in moderation) are all good for your do. So whether you’re natural, addicted to that creamy crack or prefer your locks sewn in, the key to healthy hair is “having a good routine and staying consistent,” says Wheeler. With new products making an appearance every day, it is easy to pick up a product addiction, however this wishy washy approach to a regimen can actually be very detrimental to your hair growth. So quit flirting with every new product that hits the market and commit to one product per function. I mean who really needs two shampoos at a time? For more healthy hair tips hit Saasha up on TwitterInstagram andFacebook.

Eat Like You Mean It

Is your workout regimen on point and although you are going the extra mile by training for your first 10K you still feel and look the same? Well you are probably just “run-gry.” So, before you think “remaining the same” is your fate allow me to introduce you to Rebecca Turner of Runner’s FUEL. This mom, nutrition expert, runner, registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics is such a hoot and can up your nutrition game in just 30 minutes (this is what happened to me, so I am speaking from experience y’all). “Too much emphasis is placed on dieting and not enough on knowing how to eat,” says Turner, which is why she created the FUEL Plate- a tool to teach us how to build balanced meals and snacks with the right combination of nutrients.

So, here’s the scoop:

1) Start every meal with a protein source.  Among the major food groups, protein is the only nutrient capable of repairing, creating, or preserving muscle mass.

2) Carbs are cool but don’t act a fool. Carbohydrates are runners’ favorite food group, but even the runner with the best nutrition intentions can overload on any source of carbohydrates without realizing it.

The consequence? Both your weight and running performance can suffer. So fuel your run not your thighs and limit it to one or two carbohydrate servings at each meal. For more nutritional nuggets visit Rebecca onTwitterInstagram and Facebook!




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