“You can do it put your back into it!” Literally. The muscles in the back of our bodies are naturally weaker – simply because we move through life forward. However if you neglect the muscles seen from the rear then a host of issues may come your way. So to help you ward off back pain, find balance in your body and up your entire fitness game I wanted to share the top benefits in having a strong back. Oh, and a video showing you my three favorite back exercises of course!

Can You Back It Up?

Twisting, bending, flexing, rotating – we do these movements everyday yall. Whether you’re in the fitness club, night club or simply in the streets. So to be able to back up all these movements you have to have optimal back strength. The posse of back muscles include your lats, traps, the core erector muscles along your spine and many more – so they all need a little play in the gym. So you already know I got your “back!” Watch the video above and learn how to work your back in a RAD fun way.

Here’s Some Strong Backing

After sitting all day our backs can literally lock up on us. So not cool. Back pain is not the business, so the first benefit of incorporating more back strengthening exercises into your regimen is to build strength. Doing so will keep your spine in its proper position and throwing your back out will be less likely lovely.

Sexy & Flexible Spine

Having a strong back not only looks sexy come skin barring season, it is also great for your posture (read confidence). Studies show that people with good posture automatically appear leaner and more confident than those who are slumped over all the time. So don’t fake this supermodel posture boo – actually work and stretch the muscles in your back so you can stand tall with ease.

Breathe Easy

Speaking of good posture – when your back is strong and you can naturally stand up straight you are instantly able to breathe better. More oxygen can flow through your body when you’re upright and the more oxygen you can circulate the less tired you’ll feel throughout the day. So skip that second cup of coffee in the afternoon and back your way into some back specific exercises.

Gain The Freedom Of No Pain

The number one and most debilitating injury is low back pain. Trust me I know! Affecting both your physical and mental state, back pain is nothing to play with. So let this final reason be reason enough to add more back exercises to your sweat sessions. Combating back pain is truly something your future workouts will thank you for!

Do you got my back? Well then tell me your favorite back exercises already. Comment below boo.



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  1. You are sooo AWESOME (RAD)!!!! All of your energy is so inspiring! I am soo ready to put my back into it, among other things as well! Thanks for for energizing my Friday!

    • Thanks Michele! You are too sweet – I can’t wait to see your results. Tag me @RADexperience and #BODYbyRAD if you feel like being social about your soon to be had accomplishments. 😉

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