You are headed to another meeting but before you get there you spend everything silver in your wallet at the office vending machine. You never miss your favorite Monday night cardio kickboxing class, but since you missed lunch again today you trade your sneakers in for a Big Mac and head straight home after work. Or, you set your alarm to p.m. again and have to scramble to catch your train with a belly on “E.” Any of these scenarios sound like your busy life? Well starve no more. Keep your energy and metabolism pumping by grabbing these five items every time you visit the grocery store.

1) Get it crackin’.

Easy to pack and packed with nutrients nuts should be on every RADical’s snack list. Mix things up and create a mixture of almonds (good source of zinc and high in vitamin E), cashews (excellent source of iron and lower in fat than most nuts), and walnuts (a perfect omega-3 fix). Or of course try your own nutty combo. Just make sure you keep your servings to only one handful.

2) Yo yo yogurt.

With lactose intolerance and dairy allergies stealing the stage, yogurt kind of got used to spending a lot of time in the wings of most people’s diets. But ever since Greek yogurt (which is 95% lactose free) made it’s debut the yogurt game has significantly changed. In 2006, the Greek yogurt category was less than 1 percent of total U.S. yogurt sales (according to market research firm UBS). However today it commands 25 percent of the market share. Wow! Not into dairy at all or a vegan? Try soy yogurt, rice yogurt or coconut milk yogurt; most still have the same active bacterial cultures that dairy-based yogurts are so well known for.

3) Bag this.

I try very hard to get in my 5 recommended daily servings of fruits and veggies. But when I’m on the go this can be super duper hard. Which is why bagged salad is on my “Top 5 Favorite Things Of All Times” list. Buying salad in a bag is not only inexpensive but convenient. I usually grab a few bags each week and whip up an easy dressing on Sunday night, that way all I have to do is toss and chomp. A simple salad is a perfect side to a forced fast food lunch, takeout dinner or pre meal snack. Quick, easy, done.

4) Get tough skin.

Speaking of your recommended 5, another grocery list staple of mine is fruit that has tough skin. Think apples, oranges, and bananas. All which are durable and therefore great to pack. I always have a fruit basket assortment stashed away in my bag, that way when a Snickers bar calls my name I can yell back, “Nope, I’m good!”

5) Set the bar.

Another awesome snack “rescue ranger” is the protein bar. The options are limitless however beware, many “protein” bars are actually “candy” bars in disguise. Well good thing I’m a foodie detective, here’s how to figure out which ones are worth devouring: Check out the calories (less than 225 calories is ideal), fat (less than 3 grams), protein (more than 5 grams) and fiber (at least 3 grams). Easy right? Brands that I love are Luna Bar, Kind Bar, and Balance Bar.


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