Gone are the days of low carb diets. Let the church say, “Amen!” Just like peasant tops, “The Atkins” and “South Beach” diet or sooooo 2002. So stop subscribing to this fad gone bad and welcome Mr. and Mrs. Starch back into your life!

Scientifically put, our bodies NEED carbs. We convert carbs into glucose, which is what we need for energy and energy is….well, everything. Simply put, not eating carbs is like driving a car on “E.” So put that “super” back in front of  “man/woman” and reunite with the bread basket. In a healthy way of course!

Moderate Donʼt Eliminate. Cutting an entire food group or even your favorite foods from your diet is risky business. Telling the body “no” time and time again is not only crazy hard, but also a major set up for a binge. So be kind to both your body and mind by eating the things you enjoy in moderation, instead of not at all.

Be Picky. Not all carbs are created equal. I repeat. Not all carbs are created equal. You’ve got your simple carbs and you’ve got your complex carbs….so pick wisely. Simple carbs (also known in the street as refined carbs) “simply” run through your body, which makes their energy providing power super weak. What is a refined carb? Anything white like plain bagels, white bread, white rice etc. So RADicals, opt for the complex carbs that are full of fiber and other long lasting nutrients. Complex carbs stick to you and provide both long lasting energy and fulfillment. Single these carbs out by looking for these two words: Whole Grain. P.S. Donʼt be fooled by “Whole Grainʼs” imposing distant cousin “Whole Wheat.” They are not the same.

Guilt-free Carb Loading. Now that we know carbs=energy, here is a way to enjoy the carbs you love sans guilt: Eat them when you are the most active. Seriously yall, this little flip in your diet works (trust me I am living proof). Instead of eating a super sized bowl of pasta for dinner only to fall asleep two hours later, have a bagel with a little peanut butter before your morning workout or before your weekend errand running. Whoop! Welcome back to your senses!


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