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3 KINDa RAD Tips On How To Stay Fit #OnPurpose


Summer is here RADicals and I couldn’t be more excited! I feel good about what I’ve accomplished the first two seasons of 2016 and I’m ready to welcome the sun with some major fun. Speaking of fun and this sunny season ahead, I had the honor to start summer solstice with my KIND® family at the Athleta Flatiron store in honor of the first ever International Day of Purpose® this week.


Created by my sister, friend, neighbor and overall RAD girl boss Jovian Zayne – on Monday, June 20, 2016 her vision came to life and the #DayOfPurpose took the world wide web and the actual world by storm.

Jovian’s commitment to help others not only find but live in their purpose is so RAD to me. So since helping people find their purpose through fitness and wellness is my life’s mission I’m so grateful to have been a part of this viral sensation.

On Monday I had a to chance to start summer off sweaty with a group of NYC RADicals, my RAD Ambassadors, resident DJ Carver the Great and the KIND® crew – who also shared their new delicious and nutritious KIND® Breakfast Bars post workout.


The entire event was a blast, so in case you missed our early morning RAD Live! fitness party this time around, I wanted to share some “KINDa RAD” tips on how to stay “Fit #OnPurpose” this summer.


1) Sweat Before The Sun

Early morning workouts are my jump off yall. Nothing like waking up before the rest of the world (especially when your world is a major city known as New York city) and starting the day off with sweat. Not only does this eliminate every possible excuse – since there aren’t many commitments or conflicts in the morning, sweating in the morning is one sure way to ensure the rest of your day is RAD. Working out boosts your “feel good” endorphins, so even if you don’t feel “good” about the work day ahead at least you can say, “I had a good workout!” Plus, the hardest part really is getting out the bed. However once you lace up and shape up the last thing you’re thinking about is those extra hours you could’ve slept in. You’ll be super energized and ready to take on these glorious longer days that summer provides. So soon as you wake up do something to get your heart rate up!


2) Be KIND® To Your Metabolism

Now that you’re awake and just gave your metabolism a boost with that sunrise sweat session, the next crucial step is to eat. And I mean eat quick. Ideally you should hit up some grub 15 minutes post sweat (especially if weight loss is your goal), however if you’re crunched for time do your best to not wait more than 45 minutes to eat. After that your blood sugar starts to freak out (read: it drops low and you start to move slow – hello fatigue) and worse, your metabolism takes a hit. Uhm, No. Thank. You. It is hard enough to keep my waistline in check during this third decade, so the last thing I need is a slow metabolism. Which is why I absolutely love the new KIND® Breakfast Bars!


They come in five different flavors, which means I can have a different one every single day during the week – yay! The Peanut Butter ones are my fav though. Pop them in the toaster while you secure your top knot for the day and OMG, best (and quickest) breakfast ever. I also love the Dark Chocolate Cocoa flavor, because let’s be honest, sometimes you need to start the day off with dessert. Dipped in coffee, holy moly! Breakfast on these days feels like such a treat sans the cheat.


The Blueberry Almond and Raspberry Chia are just what your Greek yogurt parfaits need this summer. Or if you’re more of a “keep it simple yet tasty” type, totally go for the Honey Oat. You can basically spread anything across the top of them and end up with a delicious and nutritious breakfast in seconds. My favorite combos are Nutella and sliced bananas, or peanut butter and sliced strawberries – tastes just like my childhood favorite treat PB&J!

So go check them out! Your mornings will never taste better and you’ll get on to your day quicker all because KIND is #NowServingBreakfast!


3) Plan #OnPurpose

Okay last tip – I honestly feel the key to doing anything on purpose is to plan! Summer can be tons of fun thanks to summer sips like rosé, rooftop parties etc., however the only way to maintain all those healthy and fit changes you committed to in 2016 is to “make a plan man.” I personally save my workouts in my iPhone calendar along with other appointments and commitments just so I can eliminate the “schedule conflict” excuse. I also plan my meals. Honestly I’m not super tupperware crazy with this simply because I can’t stand eating the same thing everyday. However I do prep tons of veggies that can be easily steamed for sides or tossed in salads. I also always prep two to three proteins to pair things with for meals and snacks. This takes a couple hours on Sunday night, and saves tons of hours during the week. So plan #OnPurpose my friends and plan to have a healthy and sweaty RAD summer!


*I am a KIND® Ambassador, and while this post was sponsored by KIND® these thoughts are my own.

Photo cred: Katie Henry Photography 

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