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Robbie is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and brings expertise to every session. She offers the right combination of sensitivity and encouragement to keep me going.

Food Lovers Rejoice: There’s At Least 8 Beauty Remedies Right There In Your Kitchen

Ain’t no denying it, I love food. I also love beauty. So if you’re anything like me beauties, then you are going to love my great eight beauty remedies using food. Chances are that you have most of these items in your cabinet right now, so don’t be so quick to schedule your next spa appointment. Instead, quickly head to that home spa you didn’t even know you had–your kitchen. 1. Bask In The Bath All those baths from childhood have been replaced… READ MORE

A 2nd Chance: How I Make Sure I Never Return to My 14-Year-Long Eating Disorder

Shame, confusion, fear—these are the words that summed up my day-to-day existence for 14 years. “How did this happen to me?” “Am I the only black girl dealing with this?” Will I ever be normal again?” Endless questions with no answers, because, simply put—no one was talking about eating disorders in the black community in 1996. They weren’t then and, sadly, aren’t really right now. However, surviving this merciless illness means only one thing to me today: The silence must… READ MORE

Black Girls Do Get Eating Disorders: I Did And I Survived

While most girls were prepping for prom, doodling their crush’s name in their notebooks and hanging out at the mall, I was dreading what size my prom dress would be, doodling in my notebook about how many calories/days/weeks it would take to be a size 3 and the only hangouts I would frequent were the gym or a bathroom—the two spaces where I could hide out and get out insane amounts of stress in the form of either sweat or… READ MORE

4 Healthy Recipes That Will Give You a Guilt-Free Holiday

Bring on the fireworks and fun times with family and friends! The Fourth of July is almost here, and everyone’s favorite summer holiday wouldn’t be complete without a barbecue. Fresh, flavorful and, best of all, health conscious, these recipes are fit for the Fourth of July. So fire up the grill and be sure to invite this flavorful, guilt-free cocktail, side dishes and dessert to your holiday bash. From Tea Time to Happy Hour: Owl’s Brew Berry Mint-arita Everyone knows I’m… READ MORE

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