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Robbie is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and brings expertise to every session. She offers the right combination of sensitivity and encouragement to keep me going.

5 Ways Running Can Change Your Life

Most people assume, since I’m a former soccer girl-turned-personal trainer, that I’ve also always been a runner. Not true. Yes, I know, there’s a lot of running in soccer, but running cross-country or track? I wasn’t into that at all growing up. In fact, I found it strange, always thinking, “Where are they running to?” and “Why so long?” and “Aren’t they bored?!” However, several years post high school, I found myself slowly, but surely, becoming a runner. It wasn’t… READ MORE

3 Sneaky Ways To Maintain Your Joy

People change, your environment can change and so can your circumstances. One of life's inevitable qualities - change. But do you have to be a slave to these ever changing ways? Nope. You can maintain your joy in the midst of it all RADicals. I do and you can too. However let me begin by saying this: I am not a spiritual guru or meditation mama, but since these three tips have consistently helped me maintain my zen in a city where people go… READ MORE

Dealing With Loss: How To Love Someone Who Is Grieving

“I don’t know what to say…I don’t want to intrude…What if I upset them…” Yes, it is often hard to know what to do or say when someone you know is grieving. Even if you’ve experienced grief yourself. I know this to be absolutely true because while I’m still in the midst of processing the unexpected loss of my mother two years ago, I can’t help but believe that my pain will bring purpose not only to my life but to… READ MORE

Food Lovers Rejoice: There’s At Least 8 Beauty Remedies Right There In Your Kitchen

Ain’t no denying it, I love food. I also love beauty. So if you’re anything like me beauties, then you are going to love my great eight beauty remedies using food. Chances are that you have most of these items in your cabinet right now, so don’t be so quick to schedule your next spa appointment. Instead, quickly head to that home spa you didn’t even know you had–your kitchen. 1. Bask In The Bath All those baths from childhood have been replaced… READ MORE

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