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Robbie is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and brings expertise to every session. She offers the right combination of sensitivity and encouragement to keep me going.

Life Lessons We Could All Learn From “The Toil Of Olive Oil”

Maybe in my first life I lived in Italy? Or was it Greece? Could've been Spain... Who knows?! All I do know is my tastebuds are from the Mediterranean. I love me some fresh vegetables (especially tomatoes), wine (especially red), seafood, bread, wine, basil, cheese, all the vegetables and did I mention wine??? Oh and of course olive oil. In fact I buy the industrial size at the store even though I live alone. Why you ask? Because I obviously do… READ MORE

Swimming In The Black Community: Why Many Of Us Don’t Know How To Swim

Smmertime is here, which means that pool parties and beach days are bound to be had. However, while many of us may be sporting a two-piece on the sand, very few of us will be jumping off a diving board anytime soon. Why? Because, according to research from the USA Swimming Foundation and the University of Memphis, 70 percent of African Americans do not know how to swim. So what’s to blame for this alarming statistic? Of course there is the obvious issue of… READ MORE

Traveling Solo = The New Yolo

For the record, I hate the word yolo. However I couldn't resist the pun and the fun (see, I can't help myself) it represents in relation to my recent birthday trip. 2016 has been the "year of the bucket list" yall. So when I booked my very first ever solo trip six days before my birthday I was definitely embracing this popular and annoying term. Spontaneous, yet intentional. Yep, that about sums up the sentiment behind my decision to escape these New… READ MORE

I Refuse To Go Crazy In This Crazy World

For 31 years July was my favorite month. My birthday month. But ever since my mother’s passing, July is one the hardest months to endure. My birthday is July 15th, and she unexpectedly passed on July 25, 2013. This year marks three years, but I would be lying if I said that grief still didn’t have it’s way with me. In fact, the truth is while days may get easier, grief will probably forever linger. And I am okay with… READ MORE

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