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The workout is never boring and one can get the most benefit within limited time - she is perfect for busy professionals.  

4 Healthy Recipes That Will Give You a Guilt-Free Holiday

Bring on the fireworks and fun times with family and friends! The Fourth of July is almost here, and everyone’s favorite summer holiday wouldn’t be complete without a barbecue. Fresh, flavorful and, best of all, health conscious, these recipes are fit for the Fourth of July. So fire up the grill and be sure to invite this flavorful, guilt-free cocktail, side dishes and dessert to your holiday bash. From Tea Time to Happy Hour: Owl’s Brew Berry Mint-arita Everyone knows I’m… READ MORE

This Season’s Top 5 Sweat-Approved Beauty Products

If you’re the type to skip makeup when you’re getting your heart rate up, then I want to tell you that you should consider wearing a little something-something next time you work out. Don’t worry—fitness-club and nightclub makeup aren’t the same. So why should you wear makeup while you sweat? Because fitness clubs are the new match-and-mingle, plus fashion-forward, locations. Therefore, whether you’re single or OK with being a sweaty beauty, then learn how to look the part with this… READ MORE

Summer Is Coming Quick: 5 Quick Fixes To Get You Right And Tight For The Beach

Come on summer, let's do this! Spring sprang by and now we're all like, "Wait is my body beach ready though?!" So since longer days will be here in about two weeks I wanted to let you know that it's not too late to get that beach body you put on your vision board in January. So don't freak out, we're about to work it out with these five easy, and I do mean easy fixes. 1. Do What You Love  One… READ MORE

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