Robbie's fun, dynamic and challenging classes at Equinox helped me get my body back after having a baby. Between the awesome music and Robbie's positive attitude her workouts gave me results without feeling like work!

Don’t Watch Your Weight: 5 Things The Scale Won’t Tell You

The older I get the less important certain things become. And while I can rattle off a laundry list of things that I gladly left in my 20’s, the number one thing that I don’t obsess about in this third decade is my weight. I’ve officially kissed constant weigh ins goodbye and want you to break up with the scale too boo. Because simply put, there are many things the scale can’t and wont tell you. 1. Your Muscles Don’t Care… READ MORE

Whip Your Vagina Into Shape: Are You Working Your Sex Muscle?

Your biceps are buff and your core is cut, but what’s up with your sex muscle? Working your pelvic floor is essential not only when it comes to the hanky panky, but maintaining strength between your legs also helps prevent (or control) urinary a host of other pelvic floor problems. The first time I became aware of the term “kegel” was during my Pilates training in graduate school. Being able to activate and control the pelvic floor was directly linked to your ability to… READ MORE