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Robbie's fun, dynamic and challenging classes at Equinox helped me get my body back after having a baby. Between the awesome music and Robbie's positive attitude her workouts gave me results without feeling like work!

Walking By Faith: Life After My Fitness Retirement

When I taught my last class on July 14th I expected to feel either sad or glad. I felt neither. I expected the last 11 years to flash before my eyes like memories often do in movies. They didn’t. I expected to enter the “non-pro-fit-girl” world and miss getting a paycheck along with majority of my workouts. I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I will always cherish the times I had behind a mic, covered in sweat with the latest athleisure… READ MORE

Mind Over Matter: 7 Mindful Ways To Help Fight Cravings

Hey ladies! Mind over matter can help you push through many things, I know. But did you know that includes that weight loss  plateau you may be struggling with? In fact, sometimes food on the brain is a good thing. So bring on the cravings! These tips are all you’ll need to be a more mindful you and ultimately a more healthier you. 1. Harness Your Feminine Power As women, we are naturally in tune with ourselves, our feelings etc. So it’s… READ MORE

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