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Robbie's fun, dynamic and challenging classes at Equinox helped me get my body back after having a baby. Between the awesome music and Robbie's positive attitude her workouts gave me results without feeling like work!

How I Made A RADical Change In My Health & Learned To Shine

#TBT to last week when I had the honor and privilege to be the featured guest on my dear friend and RAD ambassador's new radio show Shine On Radio with Kelly Anne Wadler. Maybe it's our similar middle names that make us kindred spirits, or perhaps it's our shared mission to help people be the best version of themselves? Either way, this girl is super RAD and our interview rocked my socks off. You can listen to it here, however in the… READ MORE

Why I Wasn’t So Fast To Try The Daniel Fast

As I enter the third and final week of my first Daniel Fast I find myself reflecting on all the spiritual awakenings I’ve had the last two weeks and had to document it. Never heard of the Daniel Fast? Well it’s a religious diet based on the biblical book of Daniel that refers to a 10 or 21 day avoidance of foods declared unclean by God in the Laws of Moses. “In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks.… READ MORE

Write The Vision (Board). Make It Plain.

Thanks to "The Secret" and Oprah bringing us vision boards back in 2009, this time of the year is when most of us break out old magazines and get our scrapbook on in hopes of a breakthrough (or few) in the new year. I am one of these many "collage-making-dreamers," and can't wait to meet up with my Harlem girls this Sunday for our annual vision board making party. However as I prepare to glue stick my hopes and dreams to card… READ MORE

Waist Training. More Like A Waste Of Time.

If a new hourglass figure is one of your New Year’s resolutions, Kim Kardashian and many other celebs may have you thinking that whittling your middle is a cinch. However, waist shapers, appropriately named, are actually a waste of time. So don’t believe everything on your social media feed as you prepare to shape up in 2016, ladies. Here is why waist training can be dangerous and should, therefore, be avoided. 500-Year-Old Fashion Doesn’t Equal Fitness If you are thinking… READ MORE

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