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Robbie is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and brings expertise to every session. She offers the right combination of sensitivity and encouragement to keep me going.

From Hashtags To Happiness: How To Be #Grateful #Blessed #Thankful All Year Long

Are you looking to truly embrace an attitude of “thanks” this Thanksgiving? Well recent studies shows that choosing to be and acting grateful can not only actually make you more grateful, but can also greatly improve the happiness in both your life and the lives of others. This study took place last year in New York city and was tested on the life of one. It was my life, I conducted the study, and you too can start your own… READ MORE

7 Ways to Stay Fit Under All Those Layers This Winter

Fall is here, and winter will be upon us before we know it. Since the temperature has dropped, it’s also time to drop into those bulky sweaters, some comfort food and those television marathons. If, however, you want to finish these final months of 2015 with that “get fit” resolution you set last January, then these tips can help you enjoy the changing season without changing up your health for the worse. 1. Dress to impress. Maybe I have a… READ MORE

Top Fitness Apps That Can Technically Transform Your Health

Nearly one-third of U.S. smartphone owners download apps from the fitness and health category. So if you’re looking to use your smartphone to shape up, then you’ll be glad to know that I’ve tracked down the best fitness apps to help you stay on track. They are all totally worth your time and your storage space, so enjoy this download-worthy list. For Fitness Newbies: Argus This app is a great way to start your tech-sweaty life because it is all… READ MORE

Shop and Sweat With These Breast Cancer Awareness Supporters

It’s that time of year again, when charity turns pink: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer in the U.S. by the end of the year, and about 39,620 deaths from the disease. The statistics are alarming, and the effect on many is grand. I know this all too well because I lost my mother to breast cancer in 2013. It has undoubtedly changed my entire… READ MORE

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