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The Personal Experience (Private Training)

Tired of not seeing results? Ready to look and feel your best?

The Personal Experience is what you need then! One on one training is the best thing since sliced bread (whole wheat bread of course)!

With a program uniquely designed to meet your individual fitness needs this result oriented experience is available in the form of various different packages and plans…so let’s schedule that free consultation already!

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The Group Experience (Small Group Training)

Don’t want to workout alone? Buddy up. Group up. And Shape UP!

The Group Experience is the perfect way to spend some quality sweaty time with the ones you love (or like). So call up your posse and lets work!

The options are limitless. Based on your groups needs I will design a program and/or event (fitness party anyone?) that will leave you wishing we would’ve met years ago! So what do you say? Lets join forces and get our sweat on!

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The Online Experience (Online Training)

Don’t live in NYC? Not able to train live? No worries…you bring the Wifi and I’ll bring the sweat.

Just like live training, The Online Experience is a personal, unique, and goal oriented program. Complete with personalized workouts, nutritional guidance, and constant motivational material!
You are only one click away from the body and life of your dreams. Oh and everyone knows sweat looks amazing in HD! So FaceTime me and lets plan our first online experience today.

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Nutritional Counseling

Working hard in the gym but still not seeing results? Did you know that weight loss is 80% diet 20% exercise?

Let me help you with that 80%…

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Program Design

Have you hit a plateau? Is your workout regimen older than dinosaurs?

Shake things up with a workout regimen tailored to challenge your body in a super RAD way!

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