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Lovely Finds: Gift Ideas For Your FitGirl Valentine

What should you get your fit lady for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a hint: Not chocolate or a teddy bear. Your fitness fanatic lover will love you 14X more if you snag her one of these Valentine inspired fit gifts. So figure out your budget (cause they are in order by price – low to high) and make her love you even more with these RAD finds. You’re welcome. XO Give Me Some Sugar Kisses on fleek. An ultra-nourishing tinted treatment enriched… READ MORE

DIY: Crafty Gift Ideas For The FitGirl On Your List

Not sure what to get your fitness fanatic friend for Christmas? Well what if I told you that you can make her three RAD gifts without spending a dime. That’s right - you probably have all the supplies you need to craft her up something special right in your very own crib. So unlock your inner DIY spirit and get ready to create the best fitness inspired gifts ever. The T-Shirt Tote Gone are the days of exercising in oversized… READ MORE

It’s That Time Of The Month: 3 Tips To Help You Workout When You’re Cramping & Moody

It’s that time of the month and you have to cancel on your trainer yet again - because your cramps are on ten! Story of most of our female sweaty lives. Well, since your Aunt Flow will probably continue to make her monthly visits I have done us all a solid and checked in with PMS expert and founder of Girl Uninterrupted, Mayling Kajiya. You are going to love these tips on how we can still get our sweat on while our… READ MORE

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