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“Fall-ing” Into Something New

With all the pumpkin and football fun finally here, I couldn't help but spice things up in this final quarter of the year. Yes 2016 was all I imagined and then some. However the "then some" has certainly been both unpleasant and pleasant at times. So before I start brainstorming my 2017 goals I thought I would review some of 2016's key lessons (thus far)  and let you in on how I plan to fall into something new well before the… READ MORE

Life Is An Endurance Sport, So Go For Gold!

Oh my, it's happening, I'm experiencing full blown Olympics withdrawal. Every four years I cancel all social plans, hit the gym as if I'm on Team USA and literally feel mentally high, all thanks to this glorious event. I've been obsessed with those five rings since I was little, and while a lot has changed since my first Summer Olympics memories in Seoul, South Korea, I can honestly say that Rio was the most inspiring by far. Team USA took home so much… READ MORE

7 Ways to Stay Fit Under All Those Layers This Winter

Fall is here, and winter will be upon us before we know it. Since the temperature has dropped, it’s also time to drop into those bulky sweaters, some comfort food and those television marathons. If, however, you want to finish these final months of 2015 with that “get fit” resolution you set last January, then these tips can help you enjoy the changing season without changing up your health for the worse. 1. Dress to impress. Maybe I have a… READ MORE

Top Fitness Apps That Can Technically Transform Your Health

Nearly one-third of U.S. smartphone owners download apps from the fitness and health category. So if you’re looking to use your smartphone to shape up, then you’ll be glad to know that I’ve tracked down the best fitness apps to help you stay on track. They are all totally worth your time and your storage space, so enjoy this download-worthy list. For Fitness Newbies: Argus This app is a great way to start your tech-sweaty life because it is all… READ MORE

Shop and Sweat With These Breast Cancer Awareness Supporters

It’s that time of year again, when charity turns pink: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer in the U.S. by the end of the year, and about 39,620 deaths from the disease. The statistics are alarming, and the effect on many is grand. I know this all too well because I lost my mother to breast cancer in 2013. It has undoubtedly changed my entire… READ MORE

Work Out, Then Hang Out In the Perfect Black Leggings

Cooler temperatures mean cooler clothes, so you know what that means: time to break out those black leggings. Leggings are definitely the new denim. In fact, last year jeans sales were down 6 percent from the previous year, according to the NPD Group. So if you’re looking for a pair that can go from your workout to a night out, then I have the perfect option for every budget. Low Price, High Fashion (Under $50) If you’re looking for great… READ MORE

Flower Power: Floral Fitness Fashion Finds

Flowers are in full bloom, so it's time to stop and smell the roses. Or, if you are a fashion forward FitGirl like me, then you can just stop and wear the roses. Florals are an easy way to add a little girly glam to your sweat gear, so I hunted down this season's RADdest finds and can't wait to show you how chic the power of a flower is! Pack These Petals Grown ups totally wear backpacks, especially when they're as pretty… READ MORE

Trade In Your Bubble Coat For These 3 Light Spring Fitness Essentials

Oh my goodness, this past winter was the absolute worst! I promised myself that once higher temperatures made their debut again, I would burn my bubble coat and lighten my #Athleisure load in style. So since those days are finally here, I wanted to share the three essential top layers that you should totally rock this spring, plus a little arm candy to help you polish off your look. Enjoy! #1 Stay On Track In Style Can you say head turner? The adidas Originals… READ MORE

Namaste In Bed: The Best Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep

Calling all insomniacs. Back in the day, I would fall asleep anywhere and in any position without any shame. But nowadays my relationship with slumber is far more complicated and infrequent. I love to sleep and especially appreciate the health benefits (duh who doesn't). Research shows that people with insomnia are much more likely to experience associated health problems such as anxiety, depression, diabetes and congestive heart failure. Increased productivity and maintaining my waistline depends on it, so if you're on team insomnia… READ MORE

Call On Cupid: 5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Relationship

Bring on the red roses, chocolates, strawberries and champagne. Valentine's Day is here again and while this holiday favors the blissfully coupled, this year I wanted to give you "all" some yoga related relationship advice- boo or no boo. I learned these tips from hunky yoga teacher, Travis Eliot the creator of The Ultimate Yogi DVD program, and think you will love these lovely relationship tips too RADicals. #1 (Ahimsa) Love = No Harm Intimate relationships - shoot any relationship will always present certain challenges. And… READ MORE

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