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4 Tips to Help Your Hair Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here and you know what that means: The humidity and heat are here, too! So while you definitely should be having tons of fun in the sun, the ultimate goal for your summer hair should be proper care. May these quick tips help your strands survive this hot and sweaty season intact and stronger than ever. 1. Embrace the Au Naturel With all the humidity and the heat that summer provides, this is a perfect time to say… READ MORE

Summer Running, Don’t Sweat It!

I will lay out in the sun all day and ride my bike all season. However running outdoors in the summer, two words - No. Thanks! "I have to manage my sun exposure!" This the excuse I often give. Which by the way is somewhat true, therefore fair. However the real reason I hate running in the summer is I honestly feel like I can't breathe. Something about the heat and hoofing it by foot makes me queasy. But I love… READ MORE

Swimming In The Black Community: Why Many Of Us Don’t Know How To Swim

Smmertime is here, which means that pool parties and beach days are bound to be had. However, while many of us may be sporting a two-piece on the sand, very few of us will be jumping off a diving board anytime soon. Why? Because, according to research from the USA Swimming Foundation and the University of Memphis, 70 percent of African Americans do not know how to swim. So what’s to blame for this alarming statistic? Of course there is the obvious issue of… READ MORE

I Refuse To Go Crazy In This Crazy World

For 31 years July was my favorite month. My birthday month. But ever since my mother’s passing, July is one the hardest months to endure. My birthday is July 15th, and she unexpectedly passed on July 25, 2013. This year marks three years, but I would be lying if I said that grief still didn’t have it’s way with me. In fact, the truth is while days may get easier, grief will probably forever linger. And I am okay with… READ MORE

3 KINDa RAD Tips On How To Stay Fit #OnPurpose

Summer is here RADicals and I couldn't be more excited! I feel good about what I've accomplished the first two seasons of 2016 and I'm ready to welcome the sun with some major fun. Speaking of fun and this sunny season ahead, I had the honor to start summer solstice with my KIND® family at the Athleta Flatiron store in honor of the first ever International Day of Purpose® this week. Created by my sister, friend, neighbor and overall RAD girl boss Jovian Zayne - on Monday,… READ MORE

10 Tips On How To Be A RAD GFI (Group Fitness Instructor)

I can't remember what happened 10 minutes ago, but I'll never forget what happened 10 years ago. I was a graduate student getting my MFA in Acting at The University of Texas, Austin, handling some Shakespeare with 11 other RAD artists by day (and night...and weekends and every other time you can imagine). However in between theatre classes I was hitting up fitness classes. The Division I school had physical activity on lock so the fitness centers (yep there was more than one)… READ MORE

“Completely” RAD: 7 Gems From My 7th Half Marathon

People always ask me if I ever run out of town races, and I’m like, "Yeah I run the Airbnb Brooklyn Half!” Inside joke for New Yorkers. No but seriously, I love traveling from my Harlem Central Park trails to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for some 13.1 fun. The energy is so RAD in Brooklyn and the course is by far my favorite. However the best part about running half marathon #7 on Saturday was I PR’d!!!!! Running a sub 2:00 half… READ MORE

How to Stay Dedicated When You’re Not Really Motivated

First I thought it was winter blues (spring where in the world are you in NYC), or maybe just too much on my plate with this budding fitness fashion line, full roster of clients, Equinox classes, RAD Live! parties etc. But then I realized while it is probably a combination of all the above, the truth of the matter is I’m not really motivated. Sure inspirational quotes are plentiful on social media and I sweat daily, however I still find… READ MORE

Meet Me At Ivy Park: 7 Fit Tips Inspired By Beyoncé

Happy Slay Day! The wait is over ladies, our favorite girl is now officially a fit girl... Many across the nation unleashed their inner Sasha Fierce all in the name of sweat today thanks to the drop of Bey's co-owned athleisure collection Ivy Park. I was in that count (more on this "fierceness" below)... However since skin baring season is upon us, and I know you're looking for some fun ways to “slay," I figured why not let our girl Beyoncé lead the… READ MORE

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