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Keep Calm & Carry On: How To Be Fit & Fierce On Vacay

Spring is officially here RADicals, so let's pack our bags, skip town and get some much needed vitamin D. Winter woes move over because tis the season to travel. I know you want to pack as light as you been eating since January, keep that bikini body intact and look fly while doing it, so carry on these essentials and I'll see you at the beach! 1. Join The Cute Carry On Club #TravelIsTheNewClub so the last thing you want to do is be… READ MORE

Lovely Finds: Gift Ideas For Your FitGirl Valentine

What should you get your fit lady for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a hint: Not chocolate or a teddy bear. Your fitness fanatic lover will love you 14X more if you snag her one of these Valentine inspired fit gifts. So figure out your budget (cause they are in order by price – low to high) and make her love you even more with these RAD finds. You’re welcome. XO Give Me Some Sugar Kisses on fleek. An ultra-nourishing tinted treatment enriched… READ MORE

Athleisure: Fitness Meets Fashion

      Gone are the days of velour jumpsuits and matching windbreaker sets. The fitness and fashion worlds have collided RADicals and now your workout clothes can be your everyday clothes. I love the fact that the gear that I get…

Fix Your ‘Fattitude': How To Stop Trash Talking Your Body

Raise your hand if you've ever heard that little voice inside your head scream: "Oh my goodness I hate my legs!" "I wish my stomach was flatter." "I would definitely be happier if I lost these last 10 pounds!” Sound familiar, right? A number of studies on body image point to a troubling trend:  many of us are engaging in way too much self trash talk. More than 80 percent of all women engage in “fat talk,” and ladies this negative… READ MORE

My Natural Hair Saved My Life: An Open Letter To Miss Jessie’s Titi Branch

That moment when you want to cry, know you should cry, but a lump in your throat has become just as familiar as swallowing it has. And you can’t help but wonder… Is this my new normal? I hope not. Because after 511 victorious days of overcoming sadness “normal” is relative and surviving is what’s imperative. It has been several hundred days since my best friend/mother passed and while I’ve really wanted to cry everyday this aching lump in my… READ MORE

20 Gift Ideas For The FitGirl On Your List

Sweat is her middle name and fitness fashion is her game. Sound like your fitness fanatic friend? Then you’re going to love my list this year boo. Athleisure is the latest fashion trend so show your FitGirl friend or family member that you’re up to speed with these apparel, travel, jewelry and even sweat friendly beauty options. Bundle Up With Alo Yoga What a “relief” it is to finally come across a down jacket that doesn’t hide your athletic figure. The… READ MORE

Sweaty & Sassy: 13 Signs That You May Be A Mean Girl In The Gym

I love people watching and while I’m bit of a gym rat (by default boo, I work there) I have peeped some serious high school behavior in both the weight room and fitness studios lately. Whether I’m gearing up to teach a RAD group fitness class or pumping iron with the boys on the gym floor, I keep running into this new character--the mean fit girl. I'm not judging! And while I think your behavior is funny, some of my fit girl homies skip out on… READ MORE

FitGirl Talk With Natasha Hastings: 10 Tips To Being Just As Strong As An Olympic Athlete

Natasha Hastings is her name and sprinting is her game! I'm a recreational runner, so you know I had such a great time chatting with this Olympic, World and U.S. National Champion sprinter! And you are going to love her story too beauties. Her heart is warm, her lashes are phenomenal and more than anything, her mission is pure. Hastings is New York raised and generous, so she recently held a free track and field clinic for local track teams at… READ MORE

Forever Young: 7 Healthy Ways To Prevent Aging

Growing old is inevitable, but we have more control than we think ladies. From the minute you made your debut here on earth, the aging process began. How quickly this inescapable circle of life occurs is up to you boo. In fact, orthopedic surgeon and author of Fitness After 40, Vonda Wright, M.D. estimates that only 30 percent of the effects of getting older are predetermined by genetics. The rest is totally based on daily lifestyle decisions. That’s right, no special creams… READ MORE

Change Your Mood With Food: 5 Common Problems & Delicious Ways To Fix Them

Before you open up your medicine cabinet, step into your kitchen. It’s no secret that food can effect the way we feel and function, but certain foods are just straight brown nosing goodie two shoes! Modern science has confirmed your mother’s classic advice: eat up and you’ll get a boost. So keep reading and get ready to feel better, look better and straight up be better with these power foods. Problem #1: I can’t sleep! If you find that night… READ MORE

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